Our Gorgeous Queens
Our stunning ladies are immensely important to our breeding programme. Having a brood of wonderful mommas makes watching kittens leave the nest all worth while. Our girls live a life of luxury in our home, as our beloved pets and family members. They have all the comforts they could hope for including rearing their babies in our beds.


*PL Avocado Electra of Esperanza

Seal Bicolour

Our Electra is such a stunning beauty. We are so blown away by her. She has deep blue eyes with stunning cheeks. She has given us the most amazing kittens type and temperament-wise. They are very sought after because of their laid back nature. Thank you Kamila for trusting us with this gem of a girl.


Esperanza Mary Pickford

Blue Bicolour

One of the dearest little girls we have breed. Full on energy and loved by all people and cats alike. Sweet expression and stunning eyes. This is a real princess. We love her so much. We can’t wait to meet her babies.


Esperanza Shirley Temple

Blue Mitted

We were so excited to keep Shirley back for our breeding programme in 2017. She is a lovely, big girl with lots of potential.


DarlinLilDolls Jacqueline Bouvier of Esperanza

Seal Bicolour

We very happy to welcome Darlin’Lil’Dolls Jacqueline Bouvier to our cattery. It was a long wait but we believe so worth it. The is bubbly and sweet with her gorgeous full face. Her first litters will be arriving from Spring 2020. Thank you Gail and Ashley Arthur for this very special young lady.


Ameleony Wielka Dama of Esperanza

Blue Bicolour

Sweet girl from our dear friend Karolina. So happy to welcome her to our home and as our beautiful princess. Wielka Dama which means great lady in Polish should have her first litter at the end of 2020. Very excited to see what beautiful babies she will bless us with. 


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