Always, always ,always only buy from REPUTABLE breeders and check that they are properly registered with the necessary authority. Ask for, and follow up on references. Just as the breeder will ask you for references, you must ask them.

Always insist on seeing the stud and the queen as well as their pedigrees.  Make sure that you are in fact buying a purebred, registered Ragdoll kitten, bred by a reputable and registered Ragdoll breeder.  The cost of registering a kitten is minimal so always insist on the registration prior to taking delivery of your cat. If at all possible ask to see how and where the cats are kept and follow your intuition, as that will also be a good guide.

Does the breeder answer all your questions or are they evasive. Do they keep you updated as to the kitten’s progress and growth?

Ask if the breeder scans the breeding cats on a annual basis for HCM, or more preferably had them genetically tested for the HCM gene and also insist on a genetic health guarantee, not just a general health guarantee which is only valid for couple of days.

Call the relevant governing bodies such as SACC or CFSA to establish the validity of the breeder. Get their approval or recommendation that you are in fact dealing with a reputable breeder.

Purebred pedigreed Ragdolls are expensive. Do not get caught by backyard breeders, kitten mills or kitten brokers offering ‘cheap’ cats. It is not fair on you, and even more so on the poor cats that are being abused. At the same time scammers are skilled in creating seemingly legitimate profiles, sending believable information, using prices in line with other breeders and falsifying documentation so please be vigilant in that you are dealing with an actual registered, ethical breeder.

The defining difference between that of a Reputable Breeder and a “kitten producer” is the love, concern and the responsibility the person shows towards their cats, their breeding program, other breeders and you, the purchasers. They spend large amounts of time and money on the best interest of their cats and are focused more on the quality, health and welfare of the breed than on the financial gain. Quality over quantity.

You too should also be stringently screened before letting you purchase a kitten or cat. So don’t get offended by the questions you have to answer and the particulars you have to provide. If nothing is required of you, something is wrong!

You must understand that the Reputable Breeders’ concerns are primarily with the pedigrees and the breed standards which are important to the goal of excellence and the betterment of the breed.

Ask questions as a breeder should never breed without a thorough knowledge of the particular  breed and pedigrees of their cats. They will always have the papers to prove their claims and will supply you with the same when you purchase a pedigreed cat.

They should always be willing to teach, advise and answer your questions, and what they don’t know they will find out for you. They must not be shy in referring you to someone who might have more knowledge or experience or who might better be able to meet your needs.

The health records, pedigrees and care information should be available to you on request.

The Reputable Breeder must have pride in his cattery and the breed and that will be seen by the respect he has for his cats and for YOU