About Us
Esperanza Ragdolls is a local cattery in Empangeni, KwaZulu Natal run by Mark and Breeze Swartzberg. We have a great passion and great love for the Ragdoll breed and aim to improve on the type, health and temperament of the breed in South Africa.

Esperanza runs a small home-based, cage free, breeding programme registered with the Southern African Cat Council, The Cat Federation of Southern Africa and The Cat Association of Southern Africa. Our aim is to breed sweet-natured and well-nurtured Ragdoll kittens, raised underfoot, to be loved from the moment they are born, and to help them grow into floppy, affectionate kittens.

Our breeding cats live in our home, and are born from International and Local lines to combine the best qualities in the breed. The first priority for us is our cats’ well being. For this reason, our cats are all tested negative for the HCM (Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy), one of the most frequent genetic diseases that affects this breed.

Regarding the “look” of the Ragdoll, we operate a selection geared to give emphasis to the morphology of the head, as well as the coat colour of the cats. We do our best so that these characters match as closely as possible to the Standard of Points of the Ragdoll.

We show regularly in order to promote the breed and to ensure that we are breeding to standard. We encourage our owners to join in on the fun and show their cats at local KZN Cat Shows and love to chat to the public at shows about the breed and our cats.


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