What a wonderful experience to attend South African Cat Council’s Cat of the year 2016. The decor and atmosphere was amazing. First the judging in the day time and chance to meet some people I have wanted to meet for ages and some wonderful new people. Tracey and Ivo Huisman, Jean van Zyl, Lorette Gouws, Lucinda Watson, etc. Beautiful stunning cats. Really something to behold. In the evening evening was wonderful. Our Jo taking 25th place in the entire section and our Snooch 11th place in the Neuter section. But what a proud moment when our Snooch was awarded best Ragdoll for 2016. Thank you so so much for showing him Maria Maria Tsounias Kohn. You are a friend million! Photo Credit Theresa Fouche.

Jojo – 25th Placed Male

josacccoty  josacccotycert
Snoochie –  11th Placed Neuter – SACC Highest Placing Ragdoll 2016

snoochbestrag snoochcert  snoochtrophysnoochcotysacc